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ULIKBÂ (烏雞肉), native black chickens in Indung Kapampángan that have become rare due to over consumption. Their black meat is Continue Reading →

Káyus & Akdut

KÁYUS (scraping) and AKDUT (pinching) are another traditional Kapampángan therapy for a number of ailments. Culturally, Kapampángans believed that certain Continue Reading →


TANDUK (Tandoc) is the Kapampángan word for the traditional cupping therapy commonly known by its Spanish name “ventosa.” Traditionally, Kapampángans Continue Reading →

On Kapampángan Surnames

An article on Filipino surnames has been going around Facebook recently. For some reason my comments on that article were Continue Reading →

Different Ways of saying “love” and “I love you” in Kapampángan

Whenever people ask me to translate words like “beloved” and “for the one I love” I always have to risk Continue Reading →

ÓKUÎ, an all-time favourite Kapampángan Snack

ÓKUÎ (芋粿), that favourite Kapampángan afternoon snack of deep fried shrimp cake with a spicy vinegar dip, is from Hokkien Continue Reading →

Násîng Biringyi, a Kapampángan Pre-colonial Dish

BIRINGYI or NÁSING BIRINGYI, a Kapampángan rice dish served on special occasions that is made with ABIAS ‘plain rice’ mixed Continue Reading →

Kari (Curry) versus Kari-Kari (Curry-like)

I still remember a time when my aunts in Magálang called our meat dish with a thick creamy sauce made Continue Reading →

History of SÍSIG: How Angeles City Kept Reinventing a Traditional Kapampángan Delicacy

SÍSIG has always been a part of Kapampángan culinary history. It may have been as old as the history of Continue Reading →

Ing Árî

Ing ÁRÎ ‘the king.’ The old (and the not so old) Kapampángans believed that there are two ÁRÎ ‘kings’ that Continue Reading →