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Different Ways of saying “love” and “I love you” in Kapampángan

Whenever people ask me to translate words like “beloved” and “for the one I love” I always have to risk Continue Reading →

Malugud a péngári, é té pû sána págmaimut karing ának támu ing Amánung Sísuan!

“É náku burîng pasusuan imâ ku king kéyang Amánu. Burî na Filipínu ku.” [ENGLISH] My mom doesn’t want to feed Continue Reading →

The Creation of the Filipino Nation and the Decline of the Kapampangan Language

The following article is taken from: Pangilinan, Michael R.M. (2009). Kapampangan lexical borrowing from Tagalog: endangerment rather than enrichment. 11th International Continue Reading →

Ethnic Cleansing in Indûng Kapampángan

The Kapampangan language is currently moribund since a lot of Kapampangan parents are no longer passing down their mother tongue to their Continue Reading →

Legislate Kapampangan as the Official Language of the Province of Pampanga

Ipabatas tá né ing AMÁNUNG SÍSUAN bílang AMÁNUNG BASÁL ning Lalauígan at ding Sibabalén Kapampángan. Binâng mákapasubiang bitasan a ing Continue Reading →