siuala mike 1aSIUÁLÂ DING MEÁNGÛBIÉ, born Michael Raymon Tayag-Manaloto Pangilinan in Angeles City on 18 March 1969, grew up in the town of Magálang at the heart of Indûng Kapampángan. He eventually trained as a philosopher at the prestigious University of San Carlos in Cebu City where he graduated in 1989. He eventually spent some time roaming around Mindanao, meeting Kapampangan expatriates, local indigenous people and Muslim communities. This rich experience in dealing with different ethnic communities throughout the country made him realize how important culture is to people’s identity and survival. He thus decided to head back to his native land to spearhead the promotion of Kapampangan culture and heritage in the 1990s. He then initiated several pioneer projects which turned out to be instrumental in the revival of interest for the Kapampangan culture. His writings and ideas paved the way for the cultural boom of the 2000s and served as the conceptual basis for the creation of the Center for Kapampangan Studies, the First International Conference on Kapampangan Studies, the first academic course on Kapampangan Studies and numerous cultural organizations which eventually mushroomed all over the province.

His expertise spans from history and philosophy to religion, anthropology, geography and linguistics and goes beyond the frontiers of the Indung Kapampangan. He is a renowned expert on Asian History and Philosophy, whose works have been published and broadcasted in international journals and conferences. He is recognized as the expert who studied and fostered the use of the ancient pre-colonial Kapampangan script, Kulitan or Súlat Kapampángan. He used to teach at the University of the Philippines – Clark and Holy Angel University and at this occasion trained hundreds of students and tens of colleague teachers to the importance of studying and promoting Kapampangan culture. He presently actively collaborates with colleagues from Japan and France. Siuálâ deng Meángûbié finally stands out by turning Kapampangan and Asian culture into a way of life which includes spirituality, arts, language, cuisine, living environment and sports.

Luid ya ing Siuálâ ding Meángûbié,

JC Gaillard
Senior Lecturer, School of Environment
The University of Auckland [Te Whare Wānanga o Tāmaki Makaurau]
Email: jc.gaillard@auckland.ac.nz
Website: http://web.env.auckland.ac.nz/people_profiles/gaillard_j/
Website: http://jc.gaillard.monsite.orange.fr/


In 2010, Siuálâ ding Meángûbié Michael Raymon Tayag-Manaloto Pangilinan was hailed as a Kapampangan living resource and became a recipient of the prestigious Most Outstanding Kapampangan Award (MOKA) for Culture. In 2012, he finally published his life-long research on the Kapampangan indigenous script, Kulitan. Pangilinan’s expertise on Kapampangan language, history and culture has made him a sought after resource by both national and international scholars, advocates and enthusiasts.

Coming from a multi-ethnic background, Siuálâ ding Meángûbié is also known by his Japanese name Imibe Raiyemon Kamui (齋部雷衛門神威) and his Dharma name Mahatmasvara (महात्मास्वर).

In 2013-2014, worked as a visiting professor at the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, in Tokyo, Japan. In 2014-2015, he took up units in Masters in Linguistics at the Heinrich Heine Universität in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Postscript II:

In 2016 May 19, Michael Raymon Táyag-Manalóto Pángilínan has been given the lifetime title, Talasínup king Singsing (Keeper of Heritage), by the government and people of Angeles City for his exceptional knowledge on the Kapampángan language and its indigenous script, Kulitan. He also headed the Sídduan ning Kabiasnan Kapampángan at Pámanigáral Kulitan (Institute for Kapampángan Research and Kulitan Studies) in the same year.

Postscript III:

In September of 2018, Michael Raymon Táyag-Manalóto Pángilínan became head of the Sínúpan Singsing: Center for Kapampángan Cultural Heritage that also houses the Sídduan ning Amánung Sísuan (Kapampángan Language Office), the implementing body of Angeles City’s Kapampángan language ordinance.

Postscript IV:

In 2019 April 12, Michael Raymon Táyag-Manalóto Pángilínan received the life time achievement PAMANA (Págmaragul at Maténákang Ának ning Ángeles) Awards for Kapampángan Heritage and Culture from the government and people of Angeles City.

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