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Hijacking History

  For generations, Tagalog historians have used this photo from the 1590 Boxer Codex to teach Filipino students how the Continue Reading →

Dugong Aso: “A Race of Dogs”

Dugong Aso means ‘a race of dogs’ in Tagalog. This ethnic slur against the Kapampangan people can be traced back Continue Reading →

Just Cause for a Kapampangan National Liberation

Maniáuad kayung katalarûan? Ing panugálîng Filipíno? Dápûat é yu kamaláyan na ing ánuaran támu kamatayan! Ing pángasintang ning kekatámung panga-Kapampangan! Continue Reading →

The Creation of the Filipino Nation and the Decline of the Kapampangan Language

The following article is taken from: Pangilinan, Michael R.M. (2009). Kapampangan lexical borrowing from Tagalog: endangerment rather than enrichment. 11th International Continue Reading →

Ethnic Cleansing in Indûng Kapampángan

The Kapampangan language is currently moribund since a lot of Kapampangan parents are no longer passing down their mother tongue to their Continue Reading →