TANDUK (Tandoc) is the Kapampángan word for the traditional cupping therapy commonly known by its Spanish name “ventosa.” Traditionally, Kapampángans uses the tips of water buffalo horns (see Bergaño), like they still do in Indonesia (read article), but later replaced this with TÚKIL (bamboo tubes) and BÁSU (glass cups). Traditionally, Kapampángans believed that certain sickness were caused when “Métiúpan yang ÁNGIN PAKARIMLA (cold air) ó ÁNGIN PAKAPÁLÎ (hot air)” (When cold or hot air enters the body.) This ÁNGIN (air) is sometimes identified with ghosts or spirits. It could be expelled by TANDUK, sucking the air out.

Bergaño, Diego. (1732). [Reprinted 1860]. Vocabulario de la Lengua Pampanga en Romance. Manila: Imprenta de Ramirez y Giraudier.

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Buffalo healing! Indonesian street therapists use horns of animal to improve circulation and dampen pain of patients – but would you try it? 

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