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Siábukut (Centropus viridis) appears in the comic ditty Méte ya i Siábukut (Siábukut has died). Considered an ugly looking bird, the old folks like to tease someone with a messed up haircut or attire as ‘lúpang siábukut‘ or ‘looking like a Siábukut’. They are known to live at the edges of the forests or at the foot of the mountains, often seen in pairs, and known to be shy. With Indûng Kapampángan’s long dwindled forests and denuded mountains, it is doubtful that any of this sad Kapampangan generation could have seen a Siábukut up close and personal.

Image source:

Kennedy, Robert S., Gonzales, Pedro C., Dickinson, Edward, et al. (2000). A Guide to the Birds of the Philippines. New York, USA: Oxford University Press.

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