Násîng Biringyi, a Kapampángan Pre-colonial Dish

NÁSING BIRINGYI, or simply BIRINGYI, a Kapampángan rice dish served on special occasions that is made with ABIAS A LAKATAN ‘sticky rice’ mixed with ABIAS ‘plain rice’ and cooked with freshly grated ÁNGÉ ‘turmeric,’ coconut cream, chicken and chicken liver, may actually be traced back to Tamil “Brinji” (பிரிஞ்சி), according to my good friend Dr. Tom Hoogervorst, an expert on language contact within the Indian Ocean and Malay Linguistics at Leiden University in the Netherlands. It is therefore a pre-colonial dish and not a copy of the Spanish paella or Arroz Valenciana as many new Kapampángan “chefs” and “food historians” are trying to present it. Due to colonialism, it is quite ironic to see many Kapampángans who are more familiar with the culture of Europe and the Americas than their own Asian and Southeast Asian neighbours. Many of them have a tendency to search for cultural roots in far away Europe and the Americas rather than their own backyard.

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